Sam and David

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Our Story

Sam didn't have plans to go anywhere on Saint Patrick's Day 2015, but at the last minute decided to tag along with her friend Rachel to a party hosted by some people Sam had never met (aka David and his roomies). David had just gotten back from studying abroad in New Zealand and was swapping some stories with Sam, who had been there the year prior. After bonding over their love of New Zealand, Sam and David spent most of the night getting to know each other.

The two were quickly inseparable and it wasn't long before David moved in with Sam and Nugget. A few years later, Sam and David went on a bike ride through town. When they took a break to enjoy the sun, David felt like it was the perfect opportunity to pop the question! Sam might not have realized what was going on at first, but a minute later she was an engaged lady.
Phrosne Ras